Art brings aesthetic and cultural value and has historically been a key alternative asset class.  In the past our team has worked with top artists, galleries, art funds, advisors and specialists across Post 19th century Western, Asian and Indian art.

We bring independent, expert advice and specialist services in all areas of the art advisory process and cut through the opaque world of art to de-risk art investments for our Family Offices. We facilitate the following:

  • Art collecting from studio purchases, private sales, auction representation; acquisition and collection management, divestment and estate issues for our Family Offices.
  • We work with established art funds with long track-records to create appreciating holdings and positive returns for our family Offices; whilst establishing our own targeted art funds in specific niche and undervalued areas of the art world and market.
  • We save our clients time and money and we reduce their transactional risk by guiding them through the opaque international art market purchasing process.