Media & Entertainment

Our core focus is to structure loans and investments around media and entertainment assets, such that they are generating high yields for our families and investors. Our loans and investments are deployed via one of a few structured finance products, exclusively created by us in collaboration with a number of major banks and financial institutions.

The focal point of our strategy is:

  • Risk mitigation and principal protection
  • To generate an attractive yield per annum, that is independent of the performance of the media and entertainment asset
  • To deploy the majority of our funds via loans where we are co-financing alongside Major Banks
  • To deploy practical level of equity, so as to secure up to 50% of the net profit pool and share in the critical success of any media and entertainment asset

The motion Picture industry is an exciting industry to be a part of but a challenging one to understand. It does not operate like most other industries and in many cases can lack a lot of the necessary check and balances commonly seen in other industries. However, film and entertainment is a very viable alterative asset class because it is actually a recession proof industry.

We carry out a thorough due diligence on all the creative and financial aspects of each project, together with our co-financing banks, and investments are only deployed when we have the necessary investment coverage, even in the worst case scenario.