Structured Finance

Structured finance to us is all about enabling our families and investors to transfer investment risk using finance products. Such finance products have been created in conjunction with Major Banks and Financial Institutions and for the exclusive benefit of our families and investors.

These products are unique to us and have involved highly complex financial modelling and structures that are not readily available otherwise.

Our Structured finance products encompass advanced private and public financial arrangements that serve to efficiently finance or refinance and hedge our investors’ investment activity beyond the scope of normal convention in the effort to lower cost of capital, maximize returns and to mitigate risk impediments on liquidity.

In particular, our structured finance products (i) combine alternative asset classes with contingent claims, such as risk transfer derivatives and/or derivative claims on commodities, currencies or receivables from other reference assets, or (ii) replicate traditional asset classes through synthetication.

Our structured finance products offer our families and investors enormous flexibility in terms of maturity structure, security design and asset types, which affords them enhanced returns with a customized degree of diversification commensurate to their individual risk appetite.

We would argue that our structured finance products help our families and investors substantiate a more viable resilience of risk transfer to financial shocks.